Who’s Taken It? (Children’s picture book)

Deep in the jungle, the toilet roll has gone missing and Sebastian is stuck on the loo!
Who’s taken it? No one has seen it, but all the other animals have unknowingly found a clever and funny use for the toilet paper until there’s hardly any left…

HIGH UP (Children’s picture book)

Beebo is a mole who longs to climb so high he can see EVERYTHING, even Outer Space!

His dad helps him with his clever climbing plans, but when disaster strikes,
Beebo must think of his best idea yet to get them safely back home.

Ru and Floss: The Hole Monster (Children’s picture book series)

A big bully hole-hiding monster is on the loose, and it’s gobbling up EVERYTHING, including Floss’s beloved dog!
The grown-ups won’t listen, so it’s up to Floss and her best friend Ru to overcome their fear and save everything that’s dear to them.