I love to visit schools, nurseries, libraries, castles and jungles!

I visit with my wife, Carly, and we share a passion for encouraging children to develop a love of reading,
create their own stories and believe in themselves!

Carly and I owned a children’s nursery for thirteen years and have lots of experience working with children.
We now make children’s books and travel around promoting reading, writing and art to children.

Fostering children’s self-esteem is a hugely important part of what we do. Our talks and workshops are very interactive, engaging children in exciting, can-do activities and discussions. And we have a LOT of fun!

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If you would like to know more, or book a visit, please email:

“Hi Andrew and Carly,
On behalf of St Joseph’s I would like to say a huge thank you for your assembly and workshops today. They were truly inspiring.
All of the children loved listening to you and enjoyed reading your book, “Who’s Taken It?”.
You have definitely made a lasting impression on all of our children – especially the year 6 boys who are trying their best to create their own stories.
They are dying to send over their copies to you.
Thank you again, a superb day and we will definitely be booking you again for next year.
Thank you for your time.
Grace and all of the staff/children at St Joseph’s.”
“What an amazing day we had! Andrew Green (an author) and Carly (his boss!) came to spend an entire morning with the junior school.
We went on an adventurous story writing journey, creating magical moments and sparkly eye ideas.
Needless to say we loved his book, “Who’s Taken It?”. We also came away from the experience full of determination to become authors!
OH… and Horace said we were all smelly. But Andrew said he was just being cheeky!”
Heathland Private School